Dynamic Dashboard Titles, or the option to change title before Exporting

Hello Holisitics Team and Users!

My organization has set up a metrics dashboard that is used to report with partnered companies and clients. This has been a great resource for our data so far, but we have encountered a small issue, the dashboard title is not dynamic, or able to be set, before exporting it as a document as a viewer-user.

The team using this dashboard requested that the Title change to reflect which specific company or client they are reporting to, causing the need for the Dashboard to be duplicated instead of using the original, which had a filter to select the specific company.

I would like to suggest a dynamic title option, where much like email formatting of time and date, we may be able to set it to point towards a field in use in the dashboard at the time of export. If this may present too many issues to implement, I can suggest instead that the title can be set at the time of export, allowing the option to customize that particular export or to not have one at all.

Thank you for your time, and other than this I hope you have a great day!