Dashboards as code

Is there any plan about “Dashboard As Code” ?

e.g. How to configure Grafana as code | Grafana Labs

This is definitely something the Holistics team have indicated they’re working on a few times, so sounds like it’s in the works - but I’ve not seen any firm communication on it.

However, if you take a look at this recent post made by the team about the next iteration of AML, and you’re happy to ‘read between the lines’, they’ve included a screenshot which does hint that they’re using aml for creating/storing dashboards :slight_smile:


This is something that we’re discussing internally.

Could you share:

  • How are you currently managing your dashboard
  • What problems are you having with your dashboard management workflow?

Hi @Khai_To

Are there any plans to extend the current AML to also support Dashboards and Reports, so that all of the work done in Holistics is rebuildable from source control?

Another great use case of this is “previewing dashboards before deploying to production”:

  • If business users propose a change to a production dashboard, the analyst should share the “development dashboard” with those changes to the stakeholders first to make sure everyone is aligned (dashboard presentation, layout, logic, etc).
  • Only when things look good, analysts can properly deploy it.

This is synonymous to “Deploy code to staging environment for testing purposes” before release.

Currently without dashboards as-code, it’s like you have to deploy the backend API first before you code the frontend.

Yes, this has been highly prioritized in our roadmap Abdel. We will give an update once we have a more concrete timeline.

Hi @Hyun @david-ri @Abdel,

We’d like to share our latest progress on Dashboard 4.0 with As-code.

Check out the details here: [Upcoming] Dashboard 4.0 with As-code and more - Product Releases - Holistics Community and let us know your thoughts :love_you_gesture:

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