Create datasets easily across multiple databases in one data warehouse without transform models

Hi team,

We have one :snowflake: Snowflake warehouse with many databases - with one database for each source of data we import into Snowflake (eg. one Salesforce, one for Google Analytics, one for Twitter, etc etc). Each database is further split by schemas and I do not want to re-architect my Snowflake DWH.

:white_check_mark: I can make multiple connections for each Database in the DWH - eg. one connection for Salesforce data, and one connection for the Google Analytics data.

:white_check_mark: I can make datasets from models in each Database separately - eg. one dataset from Salesforce models, and one dataset from Google Analytics models.

I want to create a dataset with models joined across different databases in Snowflake - eg. combine data models from both Salesforce and Google Analytics data into one dataset.

:white_check_mark: All the back end connections are already set up,
:x: but the front end doesn’t allow me to see/select data into a dataset from multiple databases in the same DWH.

Can we make functionality available in the front end so that we can make datasets across any number of databases in the same DWH using the data modelling layer? This would save significant time and hassle having to create transform models for hundreds of tables across many databases in the same DWH.

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Thank you for raising this Guido. Yes as mentioned, this is an oversight from our side when implementing Snowflake data source support. I’ll raise this up to the team and see how we can get this sorted asap.

Sharing some workarounds here so that others can reference:

A- Create a view in the main database that references the table in the second database.

use db1;
create view public.users2_other_db as
select * from db2.public.users2;

B- (4.0 only) Use fully qualified table name in the AML definition

See line 4 below.

Model users2 {
  type: 'table'
  data_source_name: 'snowflake'
  table_name: 'db2.public.users2'
  label: 'Users'

  dimension id {
    type: 'number'
    definition: @sql {{ #SOURCE.ID }};;

It’s similar issue in SQL Server as well - when browing the database schemas, it only shows you the database you specified in the data source. Using fully qualified names we can use any database, but would be better to be able to browse all databases the account has permission to.
This is especially problematic when using ‘Create Model from Data Table’, as you can’t select the tables from another db.
Doing it via the code view is fine for 1 or 2 tables, but when you need to add multiple tables, it does slow you down a bit.

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Yes @david-ri - we have hundreds of tables so manual work arounds don’t really work for us here.

Has this made its way onto the roadmap yet? It would be hugely useful to be able to browse all objects the account has access to, not just the objects in the ‘default’ database