Combine models from different data sources in one dataset

I replied to Feature Request thread, but Iโ€™m crossing posting it here, in case there is an alternative solution: Create datasets easily across multiple databases in one data warehouse without transform models - #8 by Matt_Stone

Is this the best approach to enable several user groups access to a common dashboard that reports on data coming from group specific data sources in Postgress, using AML? โ€“ trying to stay DRY :slight_smile:


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Hi @Matt_Stone,

Thank you for raising this use-case. And please accept my sincere apologies for checking in so late.

In case the issue is still relevant to you: My suggestion would be to utilize our Row-level Permission functionality.
However, before that you do need to combine/union the two models user_table_app_a and user_table_app_b together, using Transform model (with an extra dimension to address userโ€™s โ€œAppโ€ origin).
From there, you can set up permission rules for your individual users, or user groups in Holistics.

For more details, please refer to our document here: Row-level Permission | Holistics Docs.

Do let me know if you have any further question on this issue. Cheers!