Create business calculations that can be aggregated

Currently, we have the option to build a business calculation to create ie. categories that could be specific to an ad hoc query. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no possibility to use them as a group by and aggregate data based on the business calculation.

This is limiting, as we need in such cases add these fields as dimensions in the datasets, and frequently there are very ad hoc and not relevant for anything else but one specific usecase. This is why it would be great to have an option to use business calculations also with aggregations.

(ie. creating a business calculation of two subgroups, and then count rows for this business calculation).

Thanks @Karolina_Osiak for the suggestion. We’re currently revising our Holistics Expression to create a new version of Business Calculation, which is supposed to cover many new use-cases, including yours:

  • aggregate the field once more
  • calculate subgroup percentage
  • and many more!

We’ll have an official announcement when the beta of this new feature comes out :smiley:


That sounds great Tuan!

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Great news!! Thank you @tuan.nguyen !