Conditional formatting: totals values + dynamic ranges

Currently in a cross-tab, total values on Rows/Sums are excluded from formatting, would be good to include the option.

Also, currently scale formatting is restricted to hard-coded values. It would be great to be able to enable a dynamic range (e.g. min, median, max).

Thanks for your suggestion @Alex_H

We are planning to support Conditional Formatting for Total Values, and expect to release it soon in the next few weeks. Will drop you a message when it’s done!

For the CF dynamic range, would you mind sharing with us more detailed on your case?

Great to hear that totals will be included.

WRT the ranges, it’s fine to hard code them once off, but over time the data may shift such that the hard coded values no longer useful (e.g. data values move higher). This would mean constant tinkering with the range boundaries.

Got your case! Thank you for sharing @Alex_H
We’ll add the dynamic CF to our backlog and will let you know if we have any plan to support it in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hi @Alex_H Glad to let you know that now you can apply the Conditional Formatting for total values. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you encounter any issues with it :blush: