Change default date drill settings


Is it possible to set the date drill setting of a dashboard by defaul to to week for example?

Hi @Abdel, unfortunately we haven’t supported a default granularity for date-drill. Though, some people already asked this question.

I’d like to learn more about why would you want to set default date drill setting for dashboard, and what would you do after that?
Also, will changing the date granularities of all widgets in the dashboard help with your case?

Hi @vu.duong
Yes, changing of all widgets would defenitely help.

Also when using alerts, it is a bit cluncky, because, when you make an alert based on weekly granularity and visit the dashboard, you initially see different numbers, till you set the date drill manually to week.
So yeah, that’s it

Got your case here, @Abdel. That’s a great suggestion!
I’ve noted it down for date-drill improvements.

Though, for an instant work-around: does it make sense for your dashboard if you change the time granularity manually in each widget inside your dashboard to “week” (making “week” the default granularity)?

Hi @vu.duong
How can I do that? I don’t see that option

Sorry for the unclear info, @Abdel. I was referring to changing the Date field’s granularity in Viz settings of each Widget.
On your dashboard, could you try hovering on a Widget, choose “Edit Report”, and then edit the time granularity (like in the demo image below)?

Do let me know if this solution works for you :slight_smile: