Beta release: A new version of Dashboard Date Drill

Hi all :raising_hand_man:

We are excited to announce a significant update to the Dashboard Date Drill feature!

If you were familiar with the old Dashboard Date Drill, you may have encountered certain limitations, such as:

  • the inability to control which widgets are affected: especially when you have some non-additive or semi-additive measures (like MMR, DAU etc.) in the mix
  • or export files doesn’t show the current Dashboard Date Drill result
  • or simply sharing some dashboard link with a Date Drill setting, which would instead only display the default state…

Introducing the new and improved Dashboard Date Drill!

With this new version of Dashboard Date Drill, you would be able to:

  • Control which widgets a Dashboard Date Drill affects
  • Persist the Dashboard Date Drill result in your exports, as well as data schedules
  • Create multiples Date Drills for each dashboard, so you can drill on different groups of reports separately
  • And much more: set a default transformation, persist result on url, etc.

Do note that:

  • This new version of Dashboard Date Drill would NOT be available by default like the old version. Instead, you will need to create Date Drills within your dashboards.
  • That said, rest assured that Holistics will help create Dashboard Date Drill in your existing dashboards at the time we enable this feature for you.

More information and instructions in our documentation: :arrow_upper_right: Date Drills | Holistics Docs.

As we continue to fine-tune and enhance the feature, we are actively seeking Beta testers to help us further improve it. If you would like to join our Beta program, please submit the Beta Request form.

We look forward to delivering a superior Dashboard Date Drill experience for you. Cheers!