AMQL expressions

I saw that AMQL is on the roadmap - will this enable more powerful business calculations?

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Hi @Alex_H,

Yes, AMQL will enable more advanced Analytics Calculation (like Cross-model calculation, Nested aggregation, Filtering, Running Count/Sum/Avg, etc.).
However, AMQL is a huge architecture change so our team is still actively researching and testing it first before enabling it to customers.

We will definitely post an official announcement about our new expression soon.

In the meantime, other than playing a role as Business Calculation enahancement, how do you think AMQL will benefit you?

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I think this will be very beneficial, at ZOE we have tried in the past and have many an analyst try again and again to create cross model measurements. I would also like the ability to create a metric that shows the percentage of total, percentage of another measurement etc. to really dive into more complex calculations.


Couldn’t agree more. This is the #1 thing I miss about Looker - calcs that properly aggregate (rather than just relabel), running totals and % across pivots + cross model calcs

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