Allow admins to download records from "Activity Log"

Hi Holistics team,

It would be great if Holistic admin users are given the feature to export records generated from “Activity Log” for ease of monitoring. Thanks for considering!

Great idea - though I’d like to go one step further and have a ‘System Usage’ dataset available to admins to build our own dashboards on as if it was any other datasource.

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Hi @jefflee thank you for your recommendation :blush:
In order to understand more your case, would you mind sharing with us what you meant by “ease of monitoring”? We’d like to know why our current Activity Log page cannot meet your need, causing you want to export the data for further analysis instead.

@david-ri Assume that we have a “System Usage” dataset as you mentioned, which kind of data that you want to include in it and the reason behind?

Hi Di Hoang,

Let’s say for example I extract activity logs for the entire month of March 2022. Under the “user” column, I want to be sure that there are no “unknown” users who happened to login to our application and perform unauthorised activities. With the current feature, I can only “eyeball” each record which may be prone to human errors.

However if we can have the output exported into Excel, I can use the “filter” function to spot any unusual usernames.