🌈 2024 May UX roundup

Hi community, welcome to another UX roundup. Let’s take a look at what we’ve improved last month in Holistics :rocket:


  • Adding a Condition when exploring is much easier thanks to:

    1. A new “Used in this report” section, containing selected fields for quicker selection.
    2. Or you can just click this shortcut & add directly from the field list.
  • The Relationship diagram in the Exploration page should display normally now.

  • New styling options are available for Table-like visualizations, including Conditional Formatting, Metric Sheets Header, etc.

  • We’ve also made various enhancements to our Exploration interface:

    • The Viz Settings’ now can show the icon to indicate the field’s data type.
    • We simplify the big, blue Docs pill to a more subtle question icon to leave the spotlight for more important things.
    • Some minor UI enhancements for our Chart picker: we move the KPI & Metrics sheet to be more prominent, & update the More/Less button spacing.


Other UX & UI enhancements

  • Various updates to our Admin & Settings page:
    • Fixed a button misalignment in the User Profile Section
    • Removed a bug that made importing Custom maps with invalid data get bypassed by pressing Enter
  • Fixed the issue where the loading message displays at the wrong position in our expanded widget view.
  • The Dashboard SFTP schedule modal has odd spacing. We fixed it.
  • Correct the misaligned text in the Custom Format modal.

That’s it for this month. As usual, a big thank you to everyone who sent us feedback and helped us improve Holistics for you!