🌼 2024 February UX roundup

Attention Holistics explorers! :raised_hands: :man_surfing: :surfing_woman: We’ve crunched the data, tinkered with the UI, and unleashed 10+ UX optimizations! From intuitive tweaks to workflow wonders, they’re all ready to level up your Holistics journey.

Check them out below! We’re on a mission to make Holistics the best it can be, and your feedback fuels our journey. :fuelpump: Let’s keep the feedback loop spinning!


  • We added deeper context to the ‘Enable Export Data’ copy in Embed Settings.

  • No more hidden table column names! Hover to see the full text now.

  • Removed transformation from Top/Bottom N select list since we haven’t supported it.

  • [2.0] Improved button spacing and added responsive resizing for dividers.

  • Minute display in Data Delivery is now consistent across selection lists and input items.

  • Fixed Filter layout in Dashboard to handle cached error messages properly.

  • In Conditional Formatting, somehow the Date picker auto-closed unexpectedly, now the bug has been fixed - no more unexpected closures!

  • Filter Panel in Dashboard no longer overlaps the loading message.

  • The footer of Filter Select was way buried below all the select items, making it hard to find, we set its position to be fixed to ensure its visibility.

  • Storage Settings modal overflow issue fixed – long text displays correctly now.

  • The icon buttons group in Widget header broke the layout as we scaled it down to small sizes. We fixed that by truncating the widget’s title to release more space for them.


  • In Modeling code editor, the Delete button had the wrong padding, we unified it with other button components.
  • Fixed the bug where the tooltip opened at the wrong position when creating Dataset.
    • Commit history details now show full date and time on hover.

General UX & UI enhancements

  • New hotkey alert! Press Ctrl + \ (Windows) or Cmd + \ (Mac) to toggle the Holistics sidebar.

    sidebar hotkey

  • Fixed a bug in Users Management page, where the users list becomes empty when navigating to the next page.

    • Fixed a misbehavior where Submit button is unexpectedly disabled in Edit User modal - it works as expected now.
  • Repaired the broken funnel icon in the Search result list.

And that wraps up another month of making Holistics shine! :fist_right::sparkles: :fist_left: Big thanks to all the feedback fairies, bug detectives, and improvement champions out there!

See you next month, where another wave of awesome awaits! :man_surfing: :surfing_woman: :ocean: