🥧 2023 October UX roundup

:partying_face: Happy September! :leaves: The leaves are changing, and the pumpkin spice is flowing :heart_eyes:. And to celebrate, we’re excited to announce some new UX improvements to our app!

Here’s what’s new:


  • We unified the delete button’s copy in both the Report and Markdown widgets, ensuring they indicate the same action.

  • In Dashboard preferences, long shareable links are truncated and there needed to be a way to see them in full. A tooltip is now added when hovering on them.

  • Fields are now validated better while drag-and-drop.

    • For Heatmap and Point map, only Number data type is allowed to be dragged into the Longitude and Latitude field inputs.
    • For Cohort Retention, the Date field type is now disallowed to be dragged into the Value field.
  • The redundant scrollbar in the Date drill dropdown has been removed.

  • We made a small improvement to the table visualization. You can now deselect the table cell by clicking outside instead of having to run the result again.

  • We fixed a bug when our Dataset name was hidden when exploring.

  • The widget’s filter tooltip has some improvements to help the word break easier to read.

  • We updated a bug that made a cross-filtered data point on our line chart disappear after Cross-filtering :eyes:

  • In our Table, the default font setting was not optimal for showing incremental numbers. We made a few tweaks to the font configuration to monospace to ensure that the width of the digits is proportional to the increasing value of the number, helping users avoid confusion when viewing.

General UX & UI enhancements

  • In the Edit User modal, a better copy is added for the “Allow export data” checkbox to make it more informative.

  • In our Embedded Analytics, some links related to Holistics have been removed to avoid confusion for your embedded viewers.

  • You can now use your keyboard to move up & down and select between search results :arrow_up::arrow_down:

  • Updated a bug that rendered the links in our Schedules broken.

  • And fixed a typo mistake on the sidebar, from “Recents” to “Recent” :sweat_smile:.

And that’s a wrap for our September UX updates!

Thanks for being a part of the Holistics community. Stay tuned for the next update, and in the meantime, keep exploring Holistics and sharing your valuable feedback. :raised_hands:t2::green_heart: