Will cross model expression be enabled in the near future?

Hi all,

Will cross model expression be enabled in the near future? It could be a really useful feature.

It’s not a huge issue but a few times I’ve had to edit underlying data tables in order to get the reporting I want. It ends up occasionally being an extra consideration when doing the data modelling.


I was under the impression that this type of business calculation was allowed and they way to get round the inability to create a dimension or measure in AML?

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Hi Michael,

The short answer is YES! - We are in the midst of our plan to drastically improve Holistics Expression and Cross-model Expression is a critical part of the plan.

At the moment, we are totally aware that “Business calculation” has room for improvements, which might cause troubles to your workload as you mentioned. “Business calculation”, for now, only supports Cross-model Expression when the children components are aggregated, e.g.

  • support: sum(model_a.field_a) + sum(model_b.field_b))
  • does not support: sum(model_a.field_a + model_b.field_b))

We are trying our best to push the cross-model expression to our users. I hope you understand and bear with us for a while.

Thank you so much!



thanks Daphne! looking forward to this

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