User management role

Just curious if there are any plans to add some sort of user management role at some point? I’d like to have our helpdesk be able to manage the users (I just hand entered over 240 people and can’t stand it anymore) but I don’t want them to be able to edit the dashboards or data models. Just add/delete/change groups for users. Shot in the dark but worth asking.

Hi @sm_mk
As far as I understand, you’d like to have a new user role who:

  • Can manage users: Add, edit, delete, and change user groups;
  • But cannot do anything else in the app, especially cannot edit data models, datasets, and dashboards.
    Please correct me if I missed anything.

If it’s your case, unfortunately, only admin roles have the permission to CRUD users, and we do not have any workaround for it now. Our team is sincerely sorry for that.
I believe that a better permission system will help solve your issue. I’ll add your case to our permission backlog, and will let you know if we have any plan to support it in the future :blush: