Usage reporting

I know I can look at users logging in and what dashboards they’re looking at but because we are using Holistics as a POC I’d like to setup a dashboard (if possible) for stats on these items. Is the activity info w/in Holistics able to be accessed as a data source for reporting via Holistics?


Hi Mike,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

We can help you with this. But because this is a public channel, we cannot share data here, you need to contact our support channel at [email protected] or via the Contact Support form within application so we can discuss this further.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I think a how_to post on if this is possible would be great, as this is something that we would also like to do


Agreed - this would be great as how_to. We’d be keen on this too.

@Khanh_Tran apologies for missing your response. I can contact support but my question is really is this something I can do on my end or would we always have to contact support for this type of report? I need to show ROI and that these reports are being utilized so I’d prefer to just put utilization in a dashboard if possible.


Hi @sm_mk for sharing your case :blush:
At the moment, we haven’t publicly shared the usage data in app, but it is something our team wants to do in the future. You can share your case and upvote :small_red_triangle: this feature here: Report/Dashboard Usage Monitoring - Feature Suggestions

In case you want to access this data now, we highly recommend you contact our team for further support. Thank you for your understanding :blush: