Upload DBT manifests using holistics V2 API

Dear Holistics Community,
I am trying to use Holistics API-v2 to upload dbt-manifests directly over command line. Does anyone have a working cli command for the same?

I have tried with
curl -F data_source_name=DATA_SOURCE_NAME -F [email protected] -H "X-Holistics-Key:API_KEY_HERE" https://eu.holistics.io/api/v2/data_sources/upload_dbt_manifest

but it fails unfortunately with the following error

Best Wishes,

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for reaching out to Holistics Community.
This API is deprecated, we are no longer maintaining it and will remove it soon. Sorry for this inconvenience.
For DBT Integration with Holistics, please refer to this document dbt Core Integration | Holistics Docs and use Holistics CLI.

Best Regards,