Track dashboard/report sourced from a particular dataset

I need to carefully remove some datasets without facing any missing data errors on the dashboard/report. Since I have so many datasets, reports, and dashboards, I have a difficulty to find out whether a particular dataset is redundant (not being used by any reports) or not. Is there any way for me to track, at least, the amount of report that stems from a particular dataset?


Hi @Mohamad_Tio_Faizin
At the moment, if your dataset is being used in any report, we won’t allow you to delete the dataset until you delete that report. In other words, you are only allowed to delete a dataset if this dataset is redundant.
You can also use our bulk action function to delete multiple datasets:

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Hi @di.hoang

Thanks for the immediate response! Cool! I just knew that. The last time I checked I was able to delete the dataset despite it being used in a report.



hi @Mohamad_Tio_Faizin
That users cannot delete the dataset having dependencies is our expected behavior since we started building Holistics. We haven’t changed or updated it for a long time. Did you remember when you faced that issue?

Hi @di.hoang !

I can’t recall the exact time, it’s been a long time I think, but it probably around last year. However, I have another question related to this, in order to track each dataset’s dependencies, can we know the list of dashboard names that have a dependency on a particular dataset?


Thanks for sharing @Mohamad_Tio_Faizin
At the moment, we haven’t supported showing the dataset dependencies in app yet. However, you can send us a support ticket, and our team will assist you with it :blush:

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