Total are missing with some reports

Hello, in some Pivot Tables the totals are not displayed even though the structure is the same.

Use this Dashboard as a reference.

Hi Jan,

We’ve just deployed a fix for this. Could you please help check if it works correctly on your side?

Thank you.

Hello, I’ve check it and at first it looked the same. But the widget got fixed after “Expadning” it and “Closing widged”.

However, it’s still the same with those where I didn’t do this. Sign In - Holistics

Hey, still not working - even with a new widget.

Hi Jan,

As I impersonate your account and check, everything works fine. Could you help clear the browser cache or check again on incognito browser mode?

Unfortunately, no luck. Plus I’ve been using different device without that cookies. However, even after clearing them, there are still some reports without totals.

E.g. reports below this heading (Sign In - Holistics).

Hi Jan,

Could you list the widget names in the dashboard where you don’t see the total row so we can verify these widgets again? Please keep in mind that only Pivot table would contain the Total row, normal Data table would not have it.

Hi Jan,

To provide you with more efficient support, we will reach out to you via email shortly. Kindly keep an eye on your mailbox for further updates.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation regarding this matter.