Tips for avoiding Quota Limit on Google Sheet Schedule

Hi everyone,

Sometimes you will have trouble with Google Sheet Schedule, there would be an error like this on the log: Quota exceeded for quota group ‘WriteGroup’ and limit ‘USER-100s’ of service ‘’ for consumer.

This issue is because the Quota Limit of using Google Sheet API, see the detail here:

For Google Sheet (or Google Credential), Holistics works as a middleman between you and Google Sheet only. When the Google Sheet schedules run, Holistics will use your secured credential (that Holistics required you to sign in to Google to get the access) to send a request to Google API.

Instead of increasing your quota, you could change the schedule setting from Every X minutes to Hourly at Minute X . Because the " Every X minutes " will start from the minute 0, the " Hourly at Minute X " will help you have the choice between 0 - 59 , this will avoid the 100 seconds quota limit.

Thank you for using Holistics!