The export buttons are not working when viewing the report drill-down modal

When drilling through to another report and therefore using the report modal view, the export buttons don’t work. They work fine when not using the modal view of the same report.

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 16.26.50

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Hi @marcdmv ,

Could you share more details about the error? A video or a screenshot of your whole screen would help us in understanding your case better.

Creating a video with anonymous data is too much work. I wrote the steps to replicate the issue:

Step 1: Create a dashboard and add a report with some data (a table should be fine).
Step 2: Add some filters to the dashboard with the drill-through functionality enabled.
Step 3: Create a second dashboard with the same filters and enable drill-through for them to link the two dashboards.
Step 4: Create a report in the second dashboard with some detailed information related to the first dashboard’s report.
Step 5: On the report of the first dashboard, right-click on any part of the report and select drill-through to the second dashboard.
Step 6: A modal showing the report of the second dashboard will open.
Step 7: Now try to export the data of this modal using the buttons of the screenshot of the opening post. It doesn’t work.

I hope now it’s a bit more clear :slight_smile:

Hi @marcdmv,

Actually, the export feature is still functional. However, the modal has already overlayed the export status so that’s the reason why you cannot see the export result.

You can refer to the video below for more information.

I totally understand that this behavior is not ideal so I will check with my team to improve it in the future.