Tabbed Query Editor

I love the fact there’s a general query editor view.

What would really help here is having tabbed query editors. Our analysts will often be working across a few different trails of thought, and will dip in & out of a few tables as they explore a problem.

Being able to have tabbed query editors (and being able to save these queries?) would allow analysts to to perform more of this exploratory work within Holistics, rather than go back to Big Query / Data Studio for this type of analysis

Hi David,

I’m Hung from the Product Team at Holistics. Thanks for giving us this helpful feedback!

At the moment, I think you can also dip in & out of a few tables in your Database with the general query editors.

I’m wondering if my answer satisfies your question. If not, please let me know your use-cases in a bit more detail so I can support you better.