Streaming data, logarithmic scale?

Can holistic support data from a streaming service such as

Is it possible to create a chart with a logarithmic time scale ?

I have some interesting demands from a client…

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Hi @David_Carnley :raising_hand_man:,

Regarding your 2nd question: Yes, Holistics does support Logarithmic scale for Line-family charts, such as Area chart, Bar chart ect.
You can find such an option under Visualization Styles setting:

As for the first question: Can Holistic support data from a streaming service such as

Holistics supports connecting to most SQL databases. So I imagine it would be feasible if your application is compatible and connected to one.
Please refer to our doc here for more details: Supported Databases (Data Sources) | Holistics Docs.

Do let me know if you have any further questions, or if I missed anything. Cheers!

Oh and please feel free to share more about your client’s intention for this, David.
Any further context is more than welcome for us to best assist you. Best!