Specify join type such as left join

There are times where we want to left join, rather than inner join, to another model. An example result would return joined data or null (if no joined data). This is common practice in Looker. See documentation on join types here.


Hi @olammas,

Would you mind checking if this option Show Rows with No Data | Holistics Docs can address your needs? Are there any other cases where you’d like to specify join type?

Cheers :love_you_gesture:

Hi @Thinh_Nguyen_Truong!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. On clicking “Show rows with no data,” the executed SQL does not change. Something might be going on with the many-to-many join I have in my dataset. On inspection of the executed SQL, the FROM clause is referencing the junction model and then left joining to the other data, even though nothing from the junction model is in the conditions section. Therefore, anything not in the junction model will be missing from the table even if I select show rows with no data.

Either I’m misunderstanding this feature and how to define joins or there appears to be a bug in the SQL generation.


Hi @olammas,

To support you further with this, could you send us a support ticket following this guideline: Support Hours & SLA | Holistics Docs? In the ticket, you can also include the link to your dataset, screenshots of the exploration before and after using Show Rows with No Data option.

Got it! I’ve sent that over :slight_smile:. I appreciate the help!


With the support of the Holistics teams I managed to resolve this using the new AQL language. Thanks!