Skip scheduled send if no data

If a scheduled report hasn’t got any data in it, don’t send the report.

Hi @Alex_H,

Thanks for your feature suggestion.
I think this is a valid request because some users don’t want to send blank reports to their email (but some users still prefer sending the whole dashboard to them).

Thus, we could consider supporting the option for users to choose if they want to Skip schedule for no data or not. I will let you know when there is an update.

Thank you,

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This is something I have also come across more recently. Would it be possible to extend this request to if specific data criteria is not met, then do not send?

For example, I have a report that pulls together geographical information (which will not change day to day and will always pull back correctly) but I have sales data that is pivoted based on that information and may sometimes come back as null/0 due to processing errors. I wouldn’t want that report to be sent out if the specific pivoted columns are 0.

Additionally, It would be nice to have an email sent to the schedule creator if their report doesn’t go out so they can resend when data is updated.

Thank you,

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Hi Jackson!

Thank you so much for sharing your use case with us. Your suggestion is duly noted and I have already forwarded it to our team for further consideration. Please stay tuned and I will be sure to keep you posted if there’re new updates.