Single response in Data Table visual formatting wrong

I have created a dashboard where users can filter down to individual users and I am using the data table visualisation to display a users response to a survey they may fill out.

When the visualisation has multiple responses it looks as expected:

However, if there is a single response, the formatting is:

So if this is then displayed on the dashboard, the first visualisation fits nicely into a smaller box. However the second visualisation, of a single value, does not dynamically change to fit into the box and you need to scroll back and forth to view this:

There are no formatting options available to make this look nice.

Hi @DataGeekDude
At the moment, our single-result table is displayed fairly differently from the normal table.
May I ask if you prefer this format or the 1-row-result table as normal?

The single-row format approach is nice … but having the option to disable it and maintain a consistent format would address this


I agree with David here, it is nice to have the two, but my issue here is that the single-result table isn’t responsive, the font size seems fixed and doesn’t change depending on the size of the visualisation cell. This makes it different to every other visualisation and also looks off.

If the visualisation was responsive, then this would fix my issue