Shareable Links and Public Role

Is there a way to associate Shareable Links with Public users? We have a Dashboard with 50+ shareable links. We are able to see the dashboard activity in the “Usage Monitoring Dashboard” but we have not figured out a way to associate the 50+ Public users ( with each 50+ Shareable Link.
Is this something that we can obtain by using the “Shareable Links API Package”?

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Hi @raulcruzv ,
Thanks for raising this question!

At the moment you can only associate Public users with the source dashboard, and not the Shareable Links.
A way to know the source dashboard is by clicking on the public email ( to apply cross-filtering. From there, you can see which dashboard the Public users viewed, and how many time they viewed it.

By the way, could you share more context and what you want to achieve with this? Is it to understand which of the Shareable Links are performing the best from a single source dashboard?

We want to measure external user engagement. Each external user is provided with a shareable link. We need to identify the shareable link that is used the most.

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