Security issue: disable likes and comments

I need to be able to disable likes and comments on dashboards due to a security incident. We have a dashboard that is shared with external customers. We have enabled row-level security so these users can only see the data that is relevant to them. However, one of the external customers “Liked” a dashboard and now other customers can see the user that liked the dashboard. In this screenshot, “J” liked the dashboard and “T” can see that “J” liked it. However, it’s very important to us that “J” and “T” don’t know each other exist.

We’d like to be able to disable likes and comments due to this.

Hi Sterling,

I’m Tai from Holistics Team. Thank you for raising this issue, we have disabled this feature for your workspace.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused because of this issue.

Thanks @Tai_Nguyen ! I think the “feature request” here is the ability to control user groups and only allow other users to see likes and comments within their own group.

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Hi Sterling, @SterlingParamoreMSE

I am Daphne from Product team at Holistics. Really appreciate your feedback!

I could definitely see how we could improve our feature based on your input. Already added your use case to our backlog for future improvement.

Please bear with us as we make it happens. Thank you!