Saved Relationship Diagram Arrangement

When I am trying to organize relationships between data models I often move the tables so that I can group them by centralized points and the flow of data. However, that arrangement is never saved. That means if I come back later to review the structure created I have to once again try to rearrange the models.

Currently there is a button for “Auto Arrange” which does not arrange the models in any helpful way other than to conserve space.

I think it would be helpful to create a button for “Save Arrangement”. Ideally this would save the way the relationship model is saved at the level of data model, folder, or in total.


Hi @jpean

We understand how frustrated you are because the default layout makes it difficult to spot the relationship, especially with so many fields.

We acknowledge that the issue is significant to you, therefore, I will give your proposal to our team for consideration as we go forward with Holistics.

While I cannot provide a timeline, I’ll let you know when we’ve done the improvement :blush:

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