"Save as" on a new report still leaves you in the "new report" state

When you’re using data exploration, and use “Save as” to save your report under a dashboard, the URL stays at Sign In - Holistics and the report that you have saved as is not remembered.

So when you then tweak it a little more, you can’t just save it again. You have to find the old report, delete it, and then use “Save as” again.

I think “Save as” should take you to the URL of the newly-created report’s edit page.

Hopefully a quick fix?

Hi @will.b,

Just wanted to clarify that the widget’s “Explore Data” option helps users dig deeper into the data of the original report/widget, to ask questions and explore flexibly without making any adjustments to it.

With this aim, we designed the behavior to still stay at the original widget’s Data exploration mode, even after saving the adjustments as a new widget. Also, switching from the original report’s Exploration mode to new report’s Edit mode can likely cause some confusion for users as well.

However, I totally agree with you that we should consider the flow here, if users need to switch to the Edit mode of the newly saved widget!

Currently we have some workaround for such a use case:

  1. After saving the exploration as a new widget, there should be a popover containing the url of the dashboard it was saved in

  2. After opening this dashboard, you can open the Edit mode of the new widget as below

We’ll surely note your expectation here and improve our UX from it, as well as how to make Holistics’s Exploration concept more intuitive. Cheers, Will!