Running Total in Business Calculation

Is it possible to apply a division between two Running Total lines in Holistics?

Hey @Estefany_Montoya , could you share more about your use case for division?

I have two lines built with the Running Sum feature and I need a new line that is the division of those two values ​​accumulated in time.

These are the Running Total lines:

And I need a resultine line like this:

The idea of ​​using this feature is to be able to use filters from other fields that are lost when the value is accumulated directly from the data model

Hi @Estefany_Montoya, right now the only way to calculate the percentage between two running totals would be using Transform Model (Transform Model | Holistics Docs)

In the future, we plan to support syntax for running totals in business calculation and possibly division between two running totals. As this is still being developed, I haven’t had more details to share for now.

Let me get back to you when there’s some news.

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Ok @tuan.nguyen Thank you very much for your support!