Row height = Multiple lines and subtotals causes rows in pivot table to desync

On pivot table visualisations with at least three dimensions as rows, where subtotals are enabled and the row height is set to ‘Multiple lines’, the data begins to desync from the dimensions as you scroll down. This is especially obvious with large page sizes (e.g. 1000 records). I believe that some or all of the subtotal rows are 1 pixel shorter than the cells for dimensions, which causes the data to become offset from the dimensions to which it applies. See below for an example with some dimensions chosen more or less at random, even after ten or so rows the disparity between the dimension cells on the left and the data cells on the right is very obvious.

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Hi Morgan,

Thank you for reporting the issue to us and we apologize for the inconvenience.
This is indeed a visual bug from our end and we are working on a fix at the moment. I will get back to you as soon as I have new updates on this.

Hi @mpyper,

We have just fixed the issue recently. All cells should align well now. Please check and let me know if there’s any problem.
Thanks again for raising this to our attention!