Rolling x days/x weeks

Hi all,

It is a common use case that in your dashboards, you want to present data that reports on the last 30 days or the last 4 weeks.

These type of numbers, give in some cases, better value then reporting over a month.

Would it be possible to support this date units in both Date Drill and also in the KPI visualization, and in others where possible?

Currently rolling days is not supported very well in Holistics if you are used to reporting on rolling periods.

In your filter condition, you can type ‘last 30 days’, and this will be recognised


same for last 4 weeks


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Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.
However, this is not about filtering, but it is about how your data gets grouped, visualized and gets compared to previous periods.

But good that you mention the filters, I will get back on those in the end.

Example Use Case
Imagine the company you’re working in, is used to report on 30 days, then you would probably want to create a bar or timeline chart with 90 days (3 periods of 90 days) to make a timeline chart that makes sense.
In that timeline chart, you would get back 3 data points, each one representing 30 days.

This same principle applies to other charts.

Use this combined with the right filters
Now we get to the interesting point, and that is you mentioned filters, which I created another feature request for More Control on Dashboard Date Filters

There my feature request is to let Analysts predefine date ranges, that can be used as filters in dashboards. Let’s take again the example of 30 days to explain the value when this is consistent with filters.

When you show your data grouped by 30 days, it doesnt really make sense to filter by last month, because doing so will not show the 30 days where your data is grouped by, it would for February show 28, for march 31, may 30 etc.

This is why, i think it would be very useful to be able to centrally define your custom filter ranges, and the corresponding default date drill. My default date drill would be 30 days, and I would create custom date filters such as:

  • last 90 days
  • last 60 days
  • last 30 days

With custom date filters, I mean limiting end-users to only use those in the dashboard, as others don’t make sense to use.

Additionally, when you in your dashboard, would want to let people interact in different ways with the dashboard:

  • use rolling 30 days
  • use monthly report

this touches this feature request:

By switching views, as described in that feature, the dashboard should also change its filter(groups) and date drill detault settings dynamically.

For filtergroups, here are more details, in another feature request Reusable filters - aka filtergroups

Long story short
Summarizing the points we touched here:
1 control on date filters to define specific periods (that are no custom dates, but options you select from a pre-determined dropdown) - More Control on Dashboard Date Filters
2 these set of filters can be brought in a filtergroup - Reusable filters - aka filtergroups
3 centrally you would define additional date drill periods, such as 30 days, 4 weeks etc
4 then dashboard views would bring this all together, where a dashboard view switches between filtergroups and date drill settings - Dashboard Views