Reports fed by a specific model or dataset

Is there an easy way to check which reports are fed by a specific model or dataset?

I need to substantially modify one of my models in dbt, and I’d like to know which reports will be impacted by this change.

Thank you,

Hi @Beatriz

Thanks for the question! Currently you can’t see beforehand which reports are built from a given model or dataset.

Only if you modify a Data Model in Holistics directly and want to check if they break any report, then you can use Report Validation.

However, since you are modifying your models in dbt, Holistics is not able to automatically detect which Data Models are affected, which means Report Validation wouldn’t be of use either.

But our Support Team can help you check your Holistics Models that are associated with your dbt models) to see if they’re broken. Please send a Support Ticket and we’ll get back to you!