Replace dashboard so that URLs don't change

When making changes to a dashboard, I don’t want the live user-facing dashboard to be modified until I’m finished with all of my changes. I’ve been trying a dashboard development workflow where I create a copy of an existing dashboard, make my changes, and then delete the user dashboard and rename my new dashboard to the original name.

This seems to work ok, except that when I do this, the URLs for the dashboard change, which breaks any existing links. I would like some feature that allowed me to “replace” an existing dashboard with a new one so that the URL was not modified.

Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE,

I believe in the future, when we have Dashboard as-code, you will be able to test and validate your Dashboard in the modeling layer before showing it to the end users.

In the near future, is something like Preview Reporting helps?

@Khai_To - This might work. Will we be able to modify dashboards in a development branch even if we don’t have any model changes?

Hi @SterlingParamoreMSE,

This will not be supported in the upcoming Preview Reporting version. The Dashboard, for now, is always in Production version.
Could you share how does the lack of dashboard development affect your current workflow?

@Khai_To - So there was a dashboard that we had released. I got some feedback from the consumer and they wanted me to add some new charts, remove a legend, and change the titles of the reports. None of this required any model changes. However, I did want to be able to make all these changes and review them as a whole before modifying the production version of the dashboard.

My workaround for this was to copy the dashboard to a development folder that my consumers couldn’t view, make the changes, and review them myself. When I was satisfied, I deleted the production version of the dashboard and copied my dev version into the production space.

This is far from ideal because it will not preserve the URLs of the dashboard. Fortunately we’re new Holistics users and only have one production dashboard, but this will be a bigger problem for us soon.