Reorganizing models

We have a ton of models in holistics now and I really need to reorganize by moving things around into folders to get it cleaner. Does anyone know if I move a model into a different folder, will that affect any dashboards attached to it? I’m assuming on but want to double check.

Hi Mike,
You can follow the following to ensure things work while reorganizing your project:

  1. Are you using AML 1.0 or 2.0? You can check your version by:

    • Are the AML objects need import to be used? Then you are using 1.0
    • Do you have a version.aml file in your root folder? Check that and it should show the version. If you don’t have it, it is 1.0
  2. If you are using AML 1.0, moving things around require you to update the import statements in related files. Once the import are done correctly, then it is no longer a problem.

  3. If you are using AML 2.0: Are you using AML Module? If you are, just need to update the correct namespace or use the use statement to update the files. If you are not using module, you don’t need to do anything. It should work fine.

On a related note, AML Module is very useful for making your code base more maintainable as you can segregate your logic without worrying about name clashing. For AML 2.0, currently you can’t have two data models or datasets with the same name.

Hope it helps!

I’m using AML 2.0 and no, I don’t believe I’m using AML Module. This is the first I’ve even heard of it so I’ll have to dig into that a bit more.

OK perfect, so I can reorganize as needed. I will look into the module piece and probably end up going that route at some point. Thanks!