Real-Time Auto Updating Dashboard (3.0)

We are currently using Holistic 3.0 to create a dashboard designed for real-time monitoring purposes.
Currently, we can’t find such option. Is there a way we can have our dashboard to be on auto update ever 2-3 seconds?

Seeking your thoughts and guidance for us to make this kind of dashboard possible. Thanks!

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Hi Karlo @Karl,

Thank you for sharing your questions with us!

For your specific use case on “having the dashboard to be on auto update ever 2-3 seconds”, please consider this workaround

I’d also love to highlight that since version 3.0, Holistics doesn’t support auto-refresh anymore. While the team is figuring out the best approach to bring the feature back, the above-mentioned workaround will help get you the same outcome.

I hope this helps - please let me know if there’s anything I can help clarify!

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