Radar Chart Legend and X Axis


I want to ask about Radar Chart, below is my cases:

This is my Raw Data:
Fund – Months – Percentage
HCM – no date – 7.82%
AU – no date – 7.99%
AU Corp – no date – 4%
HCM – 3 Months – 10.82%
AU – 3 Months – 15.99%
AU Corp – 3 Months – 20%

I want to build a Radar Chart Like This:

I configure my viz setting:
X-axis -> Months
Legend -> Fund
Y-axis -> Percentage

The Holistics give this error message:
“Just select X-axis or Legend field only.”

Is there something wrong on my Raw Data or Viz Settings? or Holistics not supported yet Categorical Radar Chart? Looking Forward on it.


Hi Dugul,

I guess the following visualization is what you are trying to achieve:

If yes then you need to arrange the percentage of each fund (HCM, AU, AU Corp) into three different columns, then choose Month as the dimension

Hope this helps!