Pull data When click on any part of the chart

I have a couple pf questions about charts …
1 - I created a pie chart … Can I make the charts clickable … Ex - If I create a pie chart contains the number of the meetings per day … So When I click on any part of the chart Can I got the info for those meetings in that part (Like meeting id, name, etc …)

When I click on the green part for example I need to see the columns in the left for this part

2 - Can I export the chart as an excel file with the info that in table data


Hi Hamza,

I believe you can do this with Cross-filtering. Specifically, in a same dashboard, you can create a another widget containing information of the meetings. With cross-filtering enabled, clicking on any part of the pie chart will filter the data in the table widget accordingly. Please refer to our documention for more details on how to set it up: Cross-filtering | Holistics Docs

Yes :tada: In the top-right corner of exploration, you can choose to Download > Excel Download (Data & Chart)

I hope this helps! Cheers :beers: