Prevent password-less shareable links

Could we get an admin feature to force any shareable links to have a password applied?

In our case, we would never want to generate such links without a password - so being able to block this from occurring by accident would be a good safety net.

This will be useful indeed.

A quick workaround would be to write a script that fetch the shareable links via API, and check if they have password turned on. Though Shareable Links API is currently not available in public.

Hi all,

We do support enforcing the password for all shareable links; however, if this feature is active, permission to enable shareable links will be granted to only Admin accounts in your company.
In brief:

  • If you want both Admins and Analysts to be able to create shareable links, we cannot enforce the password for all links;
  • If you want to enforce the passwords for all links, only admins are allowed to create the shareable links.

We totally understand that this feature is quite limited, and we may think about improvement in the future. In case you want to go ahead with our current password-enforcing mechanism, feel free to drop us a message at [email protected] :blush: