Preload require fields (mandatory fields) to be used in a data model?

HI There team,

Is there a way to load require fields be used in holistics? like automatically adding it to the explore?

Ie: When a data set is selected, we can load 3-5 fields the users needs to use in order to navigate the dataset. Or even a message to inform the user?

Is this possible?

Thanks, Grant

Hi @Grant_Orchard,

Unfortunately, this is currently not available in Holistics. I’ll go ahead and turn this into a feature request so that others can upvote and share their use cases as well.

In the meantime, you can check out our new feature Custom Dataset View that allows analysts to reorganize and curate the display of fields and models in the dataset UI. In your case, you can put the “mandatory fields” on top so it grabs more attention from users.

Check out more information in this documentation: Custom Dataset View | Holistics Docs

Hi @Grant_Orchard,

Would you mind to share with us your use case in more details? If it possible, can you describe the dataset and ‘require fields’ you want to set this up?

We’re interested in this and want to understand your need better.

Cheers :love_you_gesture:

Hi there! sure.

We built a cohort monthly revenue dataset and in order to use it correctly, we wanted to preselect mandatory fields that automatically populates the visuals with the basics. For example: created_month and retention month are both required fields, weve added a description into data widget to help users nagivate the dataset.

Does this help?

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