Pipedrive: Invalid expression person_id.value for document

Data Import from Pipedrive Failed

Today is a very nice Friday, but my Data Import from Pipedrive is not, it looks very bad :scream:


What do we have in the log


A very long red error message…

Invalid expression person_id.value for document { <here is a very long text...> }

This Data Import worked well yesterday, but somehow it failed 25 minutes ago.

Investigate more :male_detective:

Hm… There must be something wrong with Deal its ID is 1589, let’s take a look, it should be at https://myawesomecompany.pipedrive.com/deal/1589

There there… :worried:


It looks like my account does not have enough permission to see this field which led to the previous error.

Replace with the more powerful API key

Asking my colleague, who has enough permission to see that field Person above, give me his API key (get it from https://myawesomecompany.pipedrive.com/settings/personal/api) and replace it in Pipedrive data source


Now, it’s time to rerun the Data Import, and… :tada:


It’s still a beautiful Friday \m/