Pipe delimited Files

Hi Great Team,
Can we send the files in pipe delimited via Holistics ? If not please give me the closest way to do it

Hi Hamza Rashed,
To assist you better, could you please specify your requirement in more detail?

Are you looking to import a pipe-delimited file into a data source, or are you aiming to export data from your data source into a pipe-delimited file?

This clarification will help us to provide you with the most suitable solution.

Best Regards

Hi Bao Le, Thanks for your response
I’m trying to share the dashboard using email or SFTP etc … And in Holistics I can share the dashboard using many types of files like the following
This is using email schedule … I need to share the dashboard using pipe-delimited format

  • And do I have the ability to export the report using pipe-delimited format

Dear Hamza Rashed,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your export needs.
We regret to inform you that, currently, Holistics does not support the exportation of reports in a pipe-delimited format.

However, we do support several other formats which might suit your needs. You can explore these alternatives by visiting our documentation page here: Export Data Formats.

Hello Hamza Rashed,
I apologize for the previous misinformation. We currently offer support for exporting files in pipe-delimited format.
Please follow the steps listed below:

Thank you very much!

Regarding this … Can we have a .txt file type with pipe-delimited format in SFTP I mean. If we don’t can you please give me a suggestion may help me or if you have any potential updates coming.