Period-over-Period Comparison for selective columns

I am trying to use new feature. I have a widget with 3 columns. I need Month-over-Month column only for 1 of this column. The system built MoM for each exesting column. How can I setup MoM only for 1 column?

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Workaround: Period-over-Period Comparison for selective columns - #3 by vu.duong

Hi Pavel,

Got your case there!
Unfortunately, we do not support PoP comparison for a specific column (or columns) in a multiple-column report yet.

Though, I think yours is a valid use case, let me add it to our backlog and discuss further with our team.
Will get back to you here with further updates!

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Hi again Pavel,

Just discussed about your case with our team, and got a workaround using our Transform model:

  • You can refer to this doc for a step-by-step guide:
  • Please note that this workaround will require some re-modeling when you want to make changes to the comparison period (e.g. changing from MoM between this year & last year, to MoM between this year and the year before last year)

In the meantime, we will look into supporting this in the built-in PoP comparison feature. Will get back to you about it!

Please let me know if this helps, or if you need further support!

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How I can vote fot this topic?

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Hi @Jan_Lupac, I’ve moved this to under Feature Suggestions, so now you can upvote this feature request. Additionally, please feel free to share more about your use case with the team so that they have more details to prioritize this.

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