Pass the same filter to many models

I have created a dataset using multible models … When I tried to add a filter to this report I can select only one model ?? … I need to pass the same filter to many models

Example ::

In the example above I have created a report using these 2 models and 1 dataset called Many Models dataset … Now I need to apply a filter to get some data from Maintest model but also that filter I need to use it in Completesbmeetings model …
I have a condition in Where clouse in the Maintest model and the same where clouse and the same condition in the Completesbmeetings model …

If you can make the choices of Data Model like checkbox select so we can chose many models to pass the filter to it …
OR a butter solution please which is … If you can assign the filter by default to all models that we have created inside the main model and that filter will not effect to the model if we don’t use the filter sentince inside of it

So when I create a filter and chose the order_master model … The filter by default will passed to the list of the models

This is very important to my work and my reports


Hi @Hamza_rashed,

Allow me to clarify how Dashboard Filters in Holistics works.

In your first screenshot, you chose Field Filter type. Depending on the field you select here, end-users (or dashboard viewers) will able to see the values of that field in the filter dropdown.

In order to apply this filter to other widgets, you can set it up in the Update reports section. This section lets you decide which widgets in your dashboard are affected by this filter.

For example, I created a Field Filter and select as my field. This means that my dashboard viewers will able to see all possible values of in the filter dropdown.

I only want my filter to apply to Total Users, but not the Total Orders widget. I simply, toggle on the Total Users and toggle off the Total Orders in the Update Reports.


For the Total Users widget, I can select the field to which the condition is applied to. Here, I chose, which means that if a user select Berlin, the following WHERE clause is added to the query of Total Users widget:
WHERE == 'Berlin'

In addition, since I’m using Field Filter, Holistics can automatically map the field in the widget that filters can be applied to.

Below is a general overview of how Holistics’ Dashboard Filters work. Please check out our documentation for more details: Dashboard Filter | Holistics Docs

I really hope this addresses your concern. If you need any further assistance with this, don’t hesitate to reach out :love_you_gesture:

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