Pagination in PDFs


Can you please add pagination to your PDF exports. Today, PDFs expert as one very long page, which makes them very unwieldy for sharing/printing/embedding in other documents.


Hi @Chris_Shillum, my apologies for the late reply.
Absolutely agreed with you here! Would make sense to support pagination for long dashboard’s PDF export.
I imagine an option to choose how many pages you’d like your PDF to be in (and perhaps a preview capability before exporting) would solve your problem? Plz tell me more if I missed anything.


Yes - I think the standard way to do this would be to provide a page size selector along with options to fit to page width or scale to a certain percentage, as per the Windows and MacOS print dialogs.

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Ah, I see. Duly noted with thanks, @Chris_Shillum.
I’ve added this improvement to the backlog for our team to discuss. Let me get back to you here for any updates.