Option to show x-axis in standard charts

Could you please add the option to show the x-axis in standard charts like line charts or column charts?
When a line chart does not have its start point somewhere around 0 and also does not cross the 0-line (x-axis) the chart can be visually misleading because the alternation seems to be very large even if for example the values are only alternating between 100 and 101.

Hi @Felix Nice to e-meet you.

To help us better understand your case, could you please provide a screenshot of your chart? This will allow us to visualize the context and provide more accurate guidance tailored to your situation.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Hi @di.hoang
thank you for your reply, nice to meet you too! :slight_smile:
I have two screenshots. The one with the colums looks a bit like the colums are hanging somewhere in space. Here it would just be nice to visually highlight the 0 line / x-axis. In the line chart we do not even have a 0 reference (x-axis). It would be great if you could add the option to show the x-axis here to have a better understanding of the values from the first glance.


Hi @Felix Thanks for sharing your case. We really appreciate it :smiley:

We completely agree that adding support for highlighting the Y=0 line in visualizations with negative values would be a valuable enhancement.
Rest assured, your request has been added to our backlog, and our team is committed to implementing this feature soon, possibly within this quarter. We will keep you informed of any further updates regarding its development.
Thank you for your valuable feedback!

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Hi @Felix
May I check if adding a constant line Y = 0 by using Business Calculation can address your issues?
If not, can you share with us the reason why?

Hi @di.hoang
Yes, please feel free to check if that could solve my issue.
As far as I see one can add a 0-line but it is not visually looking like an x-axis and you cannot hide the 0 data label without hiding the data labels of all other colums / lines. If you find a solution to better highlight the 0 line and not show it’s data label, that would be great!

Thank you for your reply @Felix
Let me discuss the solution with our team and get back to you soon.
Again, thanks for your help :smiley:

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