Option to 'Select All' values when searching a filter


It would be a great if a functionality could be added such that when you click on a filter and search, it gives you the ability to select all values that appear on your search (similar to Google Sheets). E.g. if you start searching a filter for ‘Live’ and it shows you all values that contain the word Live then you can select all these values.

We have a number of users who all agreed that this would be super useful and sounds relatively simple fix.

Please let me know


Hi @georgek

Thank you for your suggestion

Sometimes, when I search for a text, I do want to select all the value in the search.


I will add this to backlog and get back later when we will be heading to this :grin:

In the meantime, do you think the option Contains, Start With, End With will help you in this case?


Hi Khai, thanks for your response. Sounds like the alternative is a good turnaround for now, will be using this. Thanks!

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