Option to display queried values in text widget

I have a use case where I’d like to query a dataset for a few values, then display them as part of formatted HTML on a Dashboard.

I’ve managed to work around this by creating a Data Table Report type, which returns a single value, and having that single value be a concatenated string of HTML with the desired values interpolated, so that the full string is built as part of a SQL query. The result is decent, but it is a bit messy to implement and leaves out some flexibility with respect to markdown and styling which can be applied. For example, there is padding around my data inserted HTML which can’t be removed, and a title must be applied to the widget:

An option to query for a single row of values and apply it to the existing Text widget would be the most developer-friendly way to do this. Alternatively, a super simple base Report which applies no styling and leaves that to the implementation would also do the trick.

Also of course open to other suggestions on better ways to do this today!

Hi @adam-tusk-logistics,
Thank you for your great suggestion. For now, we don’t support such options, but I will add this to our backlog for future consideration. :wink: