Number of elements displayed when returning results in table format

Currently when I run a query, the table returned will have the correct results, but will only display a limited amount in the browser. I have to play with the size of the display window to get it to show more results.

Essentially when displaying results as per the image below, only a few results will be shown and I have to constantly resize the display box to show more results.

I’m using Chrome: Version 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi Milo,

Thanks a lot for raising the issue.

Can you explain more what you mean as the screenshot only shows one row of results? Did you use the pagination feature (changing number of rows in a page)?


Hi Thanh,

Sorry if the description was brief but I don’t know the right terminology to describe the issue.

In the image below, the results are correctly filling the entire space between A and B.

What often happens is the length of the space between A and B will remain constant, but the number of results shown will vary.

It’s not a pagination issue, it’s specifically that only some of the space is filled with results. In that image above, it would only show say items 1 - 3, with the remainder of the space between A and B filled with white space.

To fix this it often requires resizing the results box multiple times.

I hope that explains it better.